The PLUS Studios Model

Entrepreneurially minded, service oriented, creative and agile, PLUS Studios is a place where the best of the old exhibit house system is combined with a new mentality and modern approach. PLUS Studios was founded in 2013 when a collective group of industry veterans decided to break the mold and do business differently.  With our agility, insight, new thinking, and modern sensibilities, we have created the experience of a larger exhibit house, the PLUS Studios model was born!

Unparalleled customer service.

We are dedicated to our client’s highest welfare and bring the most value possible from every dollar. We believe there is a better way to create powerful exhibiting solutions by using an unusual matrix of skill-sets and throwing out old school organizational chart thinking to truly be a creative agency where CREATIVE is a true, integrated, breathing part of the process touching every element of what we do.

Uniquely inspired environments.

We design differently than anyone else in the industry.  Our award-winning designers have a heightened intellectual understanding of the subconscious cues around us everyday. These insights are integrated into your design to create the environment, experience, and lasting impression that you want.

Choose your adventure…we will make it a reality.

We have taken our industry understanding and marketplace model and combined it with inspired Design, Full Service Production, Engineering, and the absolute best Project/Account Management personnel. This creates a collaborative workplace where affordable innovation is made available to our clients every day.